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AutoExit 2009 UR-1 for Windows Home Server...

ASoft AutoExit for Windows Home Server is a console add-in for Windows Home Server.

It can be used to shut down, reboot machines in your home network from within the console. Wake On Lan is also supported, this enables you to easily boot up machines remotely.
You can put the machine into hibernation, sleep, log off the user or lock the machine. hut down from the toolbar now.
You can execute these actions per machine or for all machines.

Other handy features are sending messages to the different machines, configuring the timeout/message.
There is even support for opening a Remote Desktop session to the remote machines and to the server!
Statistics are kept of all actions, so that a detailed trace can be viewed on when certain actions were executed.

New features
- Multilingual UI (supports German, French, Japanese, Spanish).
- Commandline tool included to shut down/reboot/... machines via AutoExit.
- Setup has been made smaller and packaged as a zip file instead of 1 installer.
- Wake On Lan all clients.
- Send a message to all connected clients.
- Warn users when the server is going down.
- Support for Windows 7.
- Possibility to the Wake On Lan port to send to.
- Possibility to enable easy logging on the client side.
- Mac-address of the server is retrieved when opening the diagnostic dialog and the Mac field being empty.
- When downloading an update, it is automatically saved to the 'Server\Software' or 'Server\Logiciel' folder, if none of these exist the browse directory dialog is shown.
- Fix: On some machines the actions did not work and an error 998 was displayed, this has been fixed.
- Fix: Fixed issue that settings in Vista/Windows 7 weren't read correctly and made the AutoWOL Server function not work.
- Fix: Now when a client comes out of sleep, a WOL packet is sent to the server if enabled.
- Fix: Small improvement to the update dialog to show the product name.
- Fix: When using hibernate/sleep, the machine sometimes couldn't be enabled again.
- Fix: Detects if Remote Desktop is enabled on a Home Edition.
- And some other minor adjustments.

AutoExit For Windows Home Server
Download Instructions
- Unzip the downloaded file.
- Copy the file 'aewhs2009.msi' to the folder '\\server\software\add-ins'.
(the software folder can differ according to the language of the WHS you are installing on)
- Create a folder '\\server\software\AutoExit'.
- Copy the files 'autoexitclient.exe' & 'Guideline.pdf' to this folder.

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AutoExit For Windows Home Server
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