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.NET Version Detector
Easily detect the installed versions of Microsoft .NET and .NET Core on your machine!
Url's to the .NET and .NET Core frameworks and SDK's are included at the click of a button.
Reports can be written to text file and xml file so that a summary can be made and can be run from commandline.

Easily distribute this 1 executable (dotnet.exe) with your application.
ASoft allows for a vendor to bundle .NET Version Detector with its application (for free!) so that it is easier to get some generic and exact information on the frameworks.
Permission to do so must be given by ASoft; just mail us for approval.

More information on .NET and .NET Core can be found here: https://dotnet.microsoft.com

ASoft Office Version Detector now makes it easy for you to get the installed version of Microsoft Office on your machine(s).
It shows the Version, Edition, Service Pack, Platform and all installed applications!
And the information is easily exportable.

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